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START Engineering Solution eco-innovation

Cover image of START Engineering, Agribusiness venture on VC4A

Our project aims to provide community water using solar energy, which helps reduce CO2 emissions. By using solar panels to power water pumps, we eliminate dependence on fossil fuels and thus reduce CO2 emissions associated with electricity production. Additionally, our approach incorporates advanced technologies to maximize energy efficiency and minimize losses. By also raising awareness among communities about the importance of environmental sustainability, we encourage responsible water use practices.
What is innovative and unique about our solution is the use of solar energy to power community water pumps. This allows for a reliable and sustainable water supply, while reducing environmental impact by avoiding CO2 emissions. Additionally, our solution also has an innovative aspect thanks to our PAY-AS-YOU-GO (PAYG) payment model. This model allows users to access drinking water by paying only for the amount of water they consume.

Sectors Agribusiness, Solar power
Location Douala, Cameroon
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