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Stars NG Entertainment Creators Marketplace, Its like Cash app for Creators

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Stars NG

Stars NG

STARS APP *™*’ is an Entertainment Creators Marketplace, Powered by Entertainment
stars, we are like a cash APP for creators, Cash APP helps anyone to receive payments for
goods and services, STARS APP helps creators to receive payments directly from their
fans and we protect the creators from Piracy using NFC tags offline and link that with
NFT Tags online, this is the most natural system for building a valuable industry for
Africa’s Largest Entertainment industry, by helping Entertainment creators to
monetize original content to their fans using the STARS APP and our model protects everyone
from piracy by tagging contents from offline origin to digital streaming platforms and
getting maximum revenue back to creators, the most important man-made
product in the world is access to money and the natural way to get money is
using the existing network, and fans of Entertainment stars are the best,
customers that advertisers will pay the stars to have access to these fans

SectorsCreative, media and entertainment, E-commerce, Internet
LocationLekki, Nigeria
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