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Srawa eMobility Co. Ltd Charging up to the future

Cover image of Srawa eMobility Co. Ltd, Green transportation and electric motors venture on VC4A

We are building an ecosystem made up of solar power charging stations, battery swap stations, technology platform and sale of electric vehicles starting with motorcycles. We deploying electric motorcycles on a mass market basis supported by our ecosystem.Our motorcycles come with swappable batteries with a range between 80 km and 160 km. From our primary research, for an average distance of 240 kilometers per week, the annual fuel cost savings is over GHS 10,000 ($850) compared to the use of petrol powered motorcycles. We have tested two of our prototype motorcycles for the past two years. We have refined our product with a superior design and superior battery technology suitable for the African terrain. We currently have 32 electric motorcycles in Ghana for which we are taking pre-orders.

SectorsGreen transportation and electric motors
LocationTema, Ghana
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