Sosai Renewable Energies Company Energy that is for a better life forever

Let me talk about an example of a recent project we completed at Sosai: Sosai Renewable Energies Company won the USADF project to install Mini Grids, Agro-processing solutions in two communities, coupled with an educational improvement project for community children. We were under a direct project order to increase delivery of energy through renewable resources. They had a marginal goal in their RFP, and instead of the few kilowatts required for electricity, we were able to deliver 10 Kilowatts mini-grid, a solar dryer and a solar integrated energy center for computer studies within the existing project budget. Obviously, they were thrilled to get a hundred times more energy than they were expecting from the allocated budget. My name is Habiba Ali with Sosai Renewable Energies Company and we focus on water and renewable energy Solutions for communities.