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Cover image of Sophie's BioNutrients, Food production venture on VC4A

Sophie’s BioNutrients

Sophie’s BioNutrients

We are developing a new sustainable plant-based protein out of microalgae.
We have a proprietary strain of microalgae which can grow in a fermentation tank, be fed on various food waste, and could be harvested in just 3 days. Our microalgae has 60% of protein which has high quality essential amino acids profile, exceeding WHO requirements for protein products.

This can be a sustainable food source due to,
1. Not much land mass is needed, and you can do it indoor (No deforestation),
2. 90%+ of the water can be recycled. Very little water is used.
3. Production cycle is fast, only 3-10 days, versus 45-65 days for soy, 1.5 year for beef.
4. The whole system can be setup near metropolitan area to cut down the needs for agriculture and transportation, addressing the “food security” and “supply chain disruption” issues facing the world today.
5. Our microalgae are fed with industrial food waste like spent grains for circular economy.
6. NO fertilizer, herbicide, antibiotic, growth

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