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SonoCare Transforming healthcare delivery through technology


We have built a passionate team of innovators on a mission to improve the health of millions. SonoCare’s team is comprised of a group of socially motivated, result oriented, mission driven and fun-filled young individuals with diverse backgrounds and skill-sets, sharing a common vision with a great leadership. SonoCares’ team is led by the founder/CEO, Dr. Moses Enokela,(10 years medical and leadership experience), the CTO, Joseph Nelson, (founded 2 tech start-ups and developed 58 successful mobile apps) and the COO, Blessing Idegu, is a professional operations manager with 8 years experience in operations management.
SonoCare’s team is supported by an advisory board comprising of experienced professionals who have built or led successful international businesses including:
1. Dona Sarkar (Microsoft),
2. Dr. Iluyemi Adesina (PhD)
3. Ting Shih (Founder/CEO, ClickMedix)
4. Jeremiah Marble and
5. Jennifer Soltis (Investor, GMC/coLabs).