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Somos Pimienta (Estudio de Diseño) Be pepper in a world of salt

Pepper is a professional design studio with a creative team made up of adults with intellectual disabilities who work in an integrated and standardized way with professional designers.

Creativity is not unique to prodigious minds that have an extraordinary ability, but it is the interaction of viewpoints and the mix of talents. Few are the ones who took into account the vision and talent in brains that have been born different, with special features that make them see and understand the world in another way. And this is also creativity. In pure state. Our work consists in persevering the naivety of the Down, the inexplicable points of view of the autistic people and the surrealism of people with a different condition, it is not to manipulate, nor to pretend that they think like us but to take advantage of their imagination and working in a team to turn this into a palpable reality. With this idea we formed the creative team of Pepper.

Sectors Arts, Business services, Graphic design
Location La Paz, Bolivia
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