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Something Lite Greek yogurt A destination for simple healthy seasonal foods.

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We source farm fresh produce directly from the farmers and process them into wholesome finished products that are void of preservatives and additives which our consumers have embraced wholeheartedly.
The final products are easily accessible to consumers in the supermarkets and pharmacies and via channels such as our website and social media platforms where consumers can have direct access to them. The agricultural value chain we cover includes Tubers like tigernut which is been processed into a plant based milk and the shaft converted into a wholesome fiber rich cereal crunch and swallow meal, dairy with we process into yogurt, butter and cheese, fruits and vegetable which we process into cold pressed juices and smoothies and the resulting by product is also incorporated into our cereal crunch and African swallow. This in turn reduced post harvest losses which our small holders farmers use to experience and also serves as an increased livelihood for our farmers.

SectorsAgribusiness, Food production
LocationIkeja, Nigeria
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