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Solar E-Cycles Kenya Ltd Solar powered mobility and power to create jobs for African youth

Cover image of Solar E-Cycles Kenya Ltd, Information technology venture on VC4A

Africa has tremendous challenges but also opportunities. Half the population earn less than $3 a day, 600 million are without electricity but the population will grow by 3 billion people before the end of the century, the biggest new market the world has even seen, half today’s world population. We have developed a solar powered e-tricycle that can do 100km every day on sunshine and supply basic electricity needs. Our tricycles pay for themselves through revenue streams for users (street-vending and last mile delivery), are connected through the internet (IoT, GSM, GPS) and our business is highly scalable across Africa through distributed business units supported by a proven capacity building university based business school approach. Our ambition is to replace 30 million motorcycles imported yearly. And we have a way to do this for a lease-to-use charge of only $3.50 a day.

SectorsInformation technology, Personal transport, Solar power
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