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SokoFresh Agri Innovations East Africa Limited Unlocking the full market potential of produce for farmers.

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SokoFresh unlocks the potential for essential technologies that are needed to preserve produce and farm gate and provide a lifeline for perishables. These technologies include access to offgrid, mobile cold storages that we deploy at first mile on a pay as you store model. The cold storage is ideal for the storage of Avocado, Mangoes, french beans and other perishable horticultural produce.
We found that this technologies exist but are out of reach due to the high price and the challenge of utilization all year round for buyers dealing in seasonal produce. Our goal is to ensure that buyers, farmers and farmer agents minimize loss of quality and the rejection rate by having produce stored in these ideal conditions as soon as it is harvested. To do so we setup the cold storages close to farmer clusters for a season and then move them to other regions for the next crop that is in season.

SectorsAgribusiness, Agritech, Clean technology and energy
LocationKabati, Kenya
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