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Sodishop Sodishop est une marketplace présente au Mali en Guinée, au Sénégal



Sodishop is a marketplace present in Mali and Guinea, Senegal. From its launch to the present day Sodishop has created hundreds of jobs and processed thousands of customer orders.
We deliver hundreds of orders every day and to the last perimeter of Mali and Guinea. Beyond having served thousands of customers, Sodishop comes to relieve many
sellers in Mali and Guinea, who have not been to school can effectively take advantage of the Marketplace and sell their products. We are launching on Senegal, already get new orders and the Ivory Coast, which allows us to reach a total market of 50M potential buyers.

Sodishop employs more than 65 full-time employees.
Sodishop works with thousands of sellers and lists over 20,000 items.
Sodishop has created 2,300 indirect jobs through its Sodishoppers program, which aims to recruit and train 1,000,000 young sales assistants by 2025.

Secteurs Commerce électronique, Aliments et boissons, Transports et logistique
Emplacement Bamako, Mali
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