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Socks NoVarix – Bolivia M undo in Compresa de Compresa Bolivia

As a company we offer a range of products such as compression stockings, socks, sports stockings, musleras and compressive panthys that serve to give better circulation to the blood of the clients in their legs because they need this product because most patients or clients present venous diseases after a serious venous surgery such as venous insufficiency is a vascular disease that affects the arteries or veins, often affects the blood, by obstruction or weakening of the blood vessels that more and more affects a greater number of the population, which cause arteriosclerosis, plunger or thrombus, vasculitis, thrombosis, edemas, cuagülos and also if they notice the appearance of varices to prevent ulcers. The high quality of our products will help to prevent and/or treat venous and varicose insufficiency we have different compressions depending on the pathalogiaa to treat due to its double preventive and therapeutic effect.

Sectors Fashion, Healthcare, Sports and wellness
Location Oruro, Bolivia
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