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Sociální družstvo Střecha Social coop producing vegan food w/ homeless people and ex-convicts

Cover image of Sociální družstvo Střecha, Food production venture on VC4A

Sociální družstvo Střecha

Sociální družstvo Střecha

Střecha is a social cooperative employing homeless people and ex-conivcts. We are also helping them sort out housing and debts. We are trying to work separately with every individual and our bistro can serve both as a first step on the way back to the labour market, or as a long-term dignified employment. We are a vegan bistro and café, trying to introduce not only traditional czech cuisine in its non-traditional plant-based version, while keeping it affordable. With the help of our customers we also offer limited amount of meals per day, which we give away for free to homeless people and people struggling financially. We also offer catering services and we want to expand to food production. Right now we are already in the phase of testing our own products and shortly we’re planing to introduce them to our customers.

Sectors Food production, Hospitality
Location Prague 3-Žižkov, Czechia
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