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SO & Associates Transforming the infrastructure industry to escalate.

Cover image of SO & Associates, Financial services venture on VC4A

The real state industry has been traditionally control by big players andfinancial institutions with the enough liquidity and risk tolerant to developprojects that affect every part of our daily lives. The way we move, live, andwork are conditioned by the infrastructure where the society is unfolding. Soby opening the market to little investors through a crowdfunding strategy wecreate liquidity in the industry and therefore the financial power to undertakerisky projects or cultural ones. At the same time giving the investor (anyone)the opportunity to have a digital asset backed by something real (a share ofthe real state or infrastructure) permiting to ensure a good investment. DeFi ofreal state will revolutionize investment, real state and the impact to allcommunities.

Sectors Financial services, Fintech, Investment management
Location Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala
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