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Snappy foods Africa's best

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Business description
Snappy foods is a food prossessing business that targets to provide fast foods to the growing demand population for fast foods
Snappy foods process bean flour from roasted wholesome dry beans, grinded using a grinding machine into fine grounded flour and sieved making it easy for consumption
Beans are considered a cheap source of proteins world wide but it’s consumption rate has continued to reduce due to increased urbanisation and desire for fast foods my most people especially in the urban areas and the youth who seem to be having time to cook foods with along cooking process and time like wholesome dry beans which take about 2 to 3 hours.
Wholesome beans are processed into flour to reduce the cooking time since beans are roasted making the half cooked
Bean flour have it’s unique values such as;
A long shelf life of about 2 years, short cooking time if 15 to 30 minutes, ability to conserve the environment, and less costly interms of time and energy used.

Sectors Crop farming
Location Kampala, Uganda
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