SmartTeller Digital Banking Platform for Cooperatives & Microfinance

SmartTeller is a digital platform providing access to financial services and financial education to individual and small business owners in Nigeria and across Africa.
We are empowering individuals and businesses to learn about access to credit and savings products through their mobile phone, SMS, and our data-driven mechanism, We provide financial service providers (Cooperatives) with our technology to serve the people.
We aim to democratize how unbanked and underserved micro and small businesses get financial services that best meet their needs. We are a Nigerian FinTech Company comprised of a Team of passionate individuals determined to tackle what we consider a critical issue paramount to Africa’s Development, which is the Availability of financial services to all Africans, with Focus on the youth, women, and Men in Nigeria

Stage Unknown EST August 2017
Sectors Financial services, Fintech
Location Lagos, Nigeria
Markets Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa
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