SMART FOODS LIMITED Eat Smart Live healthy

Smart Foods Limited is a growing food processing company focusing on development of new and unique healthy and nutritious products for the market. Smart Foods targets young adults 30-50 years, school going children in primary, secondary and kindergatten schools. Our target audience is mainly motivated by the health benefits, convenience, taste and the low cost pricing of the products that Smart foods processes and distributes. Smart foods solves the problem of grassy and beany taste of soybeans that renders them low consumer acceptability, the fluctuating and high prices of dairy yoghurts, high occurrence of lifestyle ailments such as cancers and high blood pressure among others. The problems lead to reduced immunity and increasing illnesses in children, reduce productivity and high cost of managing lifestyle diseases. Our solution is the production of cholesterol free, non dairy coconut and soymilk yoghurts of which we have IP, tofu, soy powders for milk and sauces among others

Sectors Agribusiness, Food production, Packaging
Location Kampala, Uganda
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