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Sisu Global Health A medical device company for emerging markets

Cover image of Sisu Global Health, Healthcare venture on VC4A

Sisu Global designs and commercializes medical devices with and for emerging markets. Sisu provides clinically proven, patented, high margin devices, starting with Hemafuse, a mechanical alternative to donor blood. With a simple push and pull of a handle Hemafuse can salvage and recycle blood from internal bleeding.can salvage and recycle blood from internal bleeding.

Hospitals in emerging markets can’t access the equipment that they need, because 80% of medical devices are designed for 10% of the world. The $91B medical device market in emerging economies is rapidly expanding, but it is fragmented. In 2014 the medical device market in Africa was $3.9B, but Frost and Sullivan predicts in will reach $16B in 2020. There is a growing middle class that is underserved for proper healthcare, facing issues like a 50% shortage of donor blood in Africa. If we could recycle a patient’s own blood in surgery, we could close this gap. Your own blood is better than someone else’s an

LocationBaltimore, United States of America
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