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SIMBIOSIS Economic Empowerment of the Andean Woman

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Symbiosis Entrepreneurship Andino, works hand in hand with women of the Peruvian Sierra to transfer the HNOW WOH and technology of the process of harnessing and processing of edible wild fungi that grow associated to the forests of pine forming symbiosis, today we work with more than 320 women, that in rainy season they produce more than 30 tons of dried mushrooms, generating income per campaign of more than 2500 USD, per woman, with what they have improved if quality of life; SIMBIOSIS for the producer is a key ally that helps to produce dry fungi of quality that meets all the requirements In order to buy, SIMBIOSIS is an ally that guarantees you a high quality standard product, this model of work that allows us to generate economic, environmental and social sustainability.

Sectors Agribusiness
Location Incahuasi District, Peru
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