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SIMAGI AERIALS Hot-sun Creativity

Cover image of SIMAGI  AERIALS, Manufacturing venture on VC4A

For over 15 years, i have been MANUALLY making good Quality TV Aerials. Due to lack of Funds, my Informal Hand-to-Mouth activity has been confined in my Living Room because i can’t afford to rent a Spacious Premises. The few numbers of Aerials that i have so far sold to Consumers Directly within Nairobi have proved to be Durable and Capable of Delivering both Analogue and Digital Signal. This gives me every reason to see a Greater POTENTIAL in this Project. I am therefore kindly requesting for $134,000 by the ” Well-wishing Community of VC4A” to enable me Invest in the following: 1) Material and Direct Labour-$71698, 2) Fixed Assets-$44200, 3) Premises Rent- $7000, 4) Pre-Operation Expenses-$4066, 5) Sales and Marketing- $1600 and 6) Unforeseen Contingencies-$5176

Sectors Manufacturing
Location Nairobi, Kenya
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