Sila Health Helping people everywhere access healthcare on any mobile device.

Sila Health provides last-mile health care access using chat platforms and machine learning, creating comprehensive datasets to advance regional healthcare.

Sis Joyce, our natural language chatbot, gives users in over 50 countries instant answers to their medical queries on low-cost platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and SMS. Whenever needed our chatbot connects users to trained medical doctors in our partner network for low-cost online consultations.

Sila Trends, our data product, enables NGOs and governments to obtain real-time data on reported symptoms in the areas they preside over in order to understand disease epidemiology and better manage their health crisis response, as well as to pharmaceutical companies serving the communities our solution is found in.

Lifeline, our multi-provider marketplace, provides telemedicine companies in Nigeria and Kenya with a better way to connect with patients through an API-enabled lead generation platform.