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SharyCo App that rewards positive impact on the planet and society

We developed SharyCo to create the largest solidarity and sustainability community.
Our mission is to DEMOCRATIZE access to products and services to generate SOCIAL INCLUSION, EQUALITY AND WELL-BEING, while we make a healthier planet.
How are we going to do it?
Through an app for companies that rewards users for SHARING, HELPING and generating POSITIVE IMPACT; joining society to the efforts to achieve the SDGs
How does it work?
The various interactions available will give users COINS and IMPACT POINTS so they can redeem them for what they need.
How can they win coins and points?
By lending their own products or providing services that others need temporarily. By doing favors or volunteers requested by the community, donating, recycling and / or acquiring sustainable habits that help the planet.
What can they do with their COINS and POINTS?
Have access to discounts form allied brands, or exchange their coins to temporarily borrow products or request services or favors from ot

Sectors Business services, Environmental services, Software as a Service
Location Tigre, Argentina
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