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SEYI Oduntan FARMS Limited (SOFI Foods) PRODUCTION, processing and packaging of agricultural products

Seyi Oduntan Farms Limited trading as SOFI FOODS produce, process and package African flours with soup accompaniments and spices.
Our Mission: To create products that share the spirit of merriment and enjoyment which can be found wherever you are, when you commune together as a unit (family, friend, community). Our Products: Garri, Yam Flours, Cassava Flours (Fufu), Corn Flours, Beans Flours, Plantain Flours, Honey Beans, Ground Melon Seed – Egusi, Ground Bush Mango Seed , Chilli Pepper, Iru – Locust Beans.
Our Services: We offer contract packaging and branding of souvenirs for special occasions/events. Our Clients: Shoprite, Game, PicknPay, Palmadex Integrated Services, Cost-cutters.
Revenue Model: Sales, Contract packaging, Export, Branded Souvenirs. Our Competition: Ayoola foods, Olaola Ola, Abebi foods, etc.

SOFI FOODS help promote food security for the nation. Our products are very versatile and unique. Most of our Flours can be used as a meal or snack and for entertain

LocationIkeja, Nigeria
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