SENADE AGRO integrated fish farming in order to satisfy the excessive demands.

53% of the animal protein intake in Benin comes from fishery products and represents 214,000 tonnes per year. Over 160,000 t of fish are imported into Benin each year, worth more than 380 million US dollars. These are huge resources in loss of quotes for the Beninese economy. Better fishermen are investigating economic activities after more years of unproductive local waters due to archaic fishing systems in the Republic of Benin and catches of inland fisheries declining for several years.
In order to provide the Beninese populations with good quality fish that are accessible to poor households, we are implementing an integrated tilapia fish farming project with a recovery system for aquaculture production and processing waste such as hyacinths. water, viscera and fish bones in organic fertilizers without toxic effects.
We offer households high quality table fish at very affordable costs and 100% organic fertilizer to farmers for more optimal agricultural production.

StageGrowth stage EST January 2015
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LocationCotonou, Benin
MarketsBenin, Burkina Faso
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