SEMPAIGA CONSULT LIMITED Universal Affordability

The problems our 2-features-in-1 , multi-functional , disruptive-type , Social Networking & Cloud Storage App Product is solving , are 2 in number as follows :

The world lacks a user-cost affordable app product , that is multi-functional , that has superior user-experience for billions of people worldwide , who are financially and economically disadvantaged , who otherwise wouldn’t afford the data bandwidth and airtime costs now charged by competing apps on the market today , to access the Internet cheaply , to live a normal , enhanced , and productive lifestyle ;

This app further provides a means to save 100s of Megawatts of electricity power used by modern datacenters to transmit and store data. This is because this app has a proprietary core engine data compression software algorithm that compresses data 1000s of times without any data loss or deterioration at decompression , the result of which , data is able to be transmitted through the narrowest of bandwidth ch

SectorsBusiness services, Consulting and business development, Diversified services, Enterprise software
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