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SDS (Shariatpur Development Society) Safe food for all to get a healthy life

The agricultural sector is the main pillar of the economy of Bangladesh providing a livelihood for 70% of the population. Agriculture plays a very important role in productivity, income, and rural employment. In Bangladesh, cultivable land is about 85.05 hundred thousand hectares, among which 2.78 hundred hectares is in the vegetable sub-sector. The agricultural sector employs 47.5% of the total labor force. In 2013-2014, the agricultural sector contributed 16.33% in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country, while the crop sub-sector alone contributed 12%.

The vegetable is an important sub-sector of agriculture in Bangladesh. Vegetable provides necessary nutrition and another micronutrient for the human body. One of the main obstacles of vegetable cultivation is different types of disease and attacks of pests. Attack of diseases alone decreases vegetable production by 25%, and farmers in Bangladesh are dependent on different types of pesticides and chemicals for solving thi

SectorsAnimal farming, Crop farming
LocationShariatpur, Bangladesh
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