SCOPEinsight Helping you professionalize agribusinesses

SCOPEinsight is the leading company offering standardized tools to measure the level of professionalism – a proxy to bankability – for agribusinesses. These assessments lead to a robust dataset which allows benchmarking and comparing. The data facilitates better decision-making for the agribusinesses and their stakeholders. The assessment results help capacity builders develop laser focused capacity building programs and allows for continuous improvements on programs. SCOPEinsight’s scalable system is applicable to every country, every type of agricultural organization, and every crop. Since 2011, we have trained over 700 assessors who have conducted nearly 4,600 assessments in 45 countries spanning 19 agricultural sectors and reaching more than 11 million farmers. Clients include agribusinesses, multilateral development and food security organizations, NGOs, multinational traders & processors, and financial institutions.

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