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According to ZimVac and WorldBank, 38 percent of the rural population, is currently facing food insecurity (5.5 million people) and 40.6 percent are female headed households led majority under age 40. The hunger is not due to land shortages but the lack of the necessary skills, tool sets, training and input for them to be able to reap from the resources in each of the 5 agricultural regions in Zimbabwe.The unique solution we are providing integrates into preexisting systems within the nation acknowledging that zimbabwe is agrobased. We are offering contract farming services to the small scale farmer by providing seed fertiliser training insurance and incapacitate them,allowing them to obtain a surplus that they can use to raise their standards of living. In essence to help them help themselves in turn also providing a fair trade for their produce to help them grow as small scale farmers.

Stage Startup stage EST June 2019
Sectors Food and beverage, Food production
Location Zimbabwe
Markets Zimbabwe
Customer model B2B2C
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