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Sauce with a Cause B.V. (The Ketchup Project) We turn losses of Kenyan farmers into high-end ketchup for eu market.

Venture Profile Sauce with a Cause B.V. (The Ketchup Project) image of Schermafbeelding Om

In Kenya about 50% of all fruits and vegetables are lost after harvest, mainly due to a volatile local market. An enormous waste of delicious products, and a loss of capital for Kenyan farmers, leaving them in a poverty trap.

The Ketchup Project introduced a system-changing solution:
Together with small-holder farmers we optimize their agriculture and buy part of their tomatoes and mangoes for a fixed, fair price. We locally dry them and turn them in The Netherlands into ketchup for the European market. Not an ordinary ketchup but high-end, artisanal ketchup with the full taste of sun ripened, dried tomatoes, developed with a Michelin star chef.

The European ketchup market is €5bln with hardly any products that meet the increasing market need of sustainable, healthy food. We tap into this market need! In 2021 we expect to involve 109 farmers, save 60,000kg fruit with €250,000 revenues. By 2026 we expect to involve 2000 farmers, save 2mln kg fruits and have €7,5mln revenues.

SectorsFood and beverage
LocationAmsterdam, Netherlands
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