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Sargasso Worldwide Ghana Limited, Different Approa Agriculture, trading, manufacturing

Cover image of Sargasso Worldwide Ghana Limited, Different Approa, Animal farming venture on VC4A

Sargasso Worldwide Ghana Limited, Different Approa

Sargasso Worldwide Ghana Limited, Different Approa

Introducing Sargasso Africa Tractors & Irrigation Systems Services Network (SATISSN).

Who we are/what we do.
Sargasso Worldwide (GH) Limited is a Private Sector company based in Ghana with an Africa wide action plan for the rural industrialization of Africa. Our core purposes as reflected in the Rural Industrialization Urbanization Plan (RIUP) Program, through which we seek to achieve rural domestic jobs creation and infrastructural revolution that will see rural Africa mechanize and industrialize its agricultural experiences, with rural value addition to all raw resources/farm produces at host communities of the resources.
Our Vision
Our vision is to Farm the Farmers by providing and helping them access best soil preparation tools/machinery to enhance Africa’s/Global food production. Our plan covers the availability of tractors/irrigation/all farming implements across rural Africa.

SectorsAnimal farming, Business services, Crop farming
LocationAccra, Ghana
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