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sarahmoda academy SARAHMODA ACADEMY is a fashion/beauty establishment with uniqueness..

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Poverty is one of the reasons why our talented youths can not afford to go to school or learn crafts and gain skills. They tend to loiter about unemployed and most times they end up in the streets indulging in crime and prostitution, especially the girls. On the flip side, many youths graduate every year with no gainful employment in sight. This is our core, to train youths in crafts such as makeup, sewing, photography, wig-making e.t.c. Once their training is completed, they will be employed in the company for a period of time, so that they can familiarize with the rudiments of running a business. Then they graduate to build their own business. Alumni of the academy also benefit from recommendations and referrals to potential customers who need theirservices, connections to angel investors and also serve as ambassadors of the academy. With more revenue in the business we will expand our course lineup, create a fashion brand that resonates with the Nigerian market.

Sectors Clothing and textiles production, Drugs and cosmetics, Fashion
Location Owerri, Nigeria
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