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Samfarm Solutions An agribusiness with the mands

Cover image of Samfarm Solutions, Agribusiness venture on VC4A

The increase rate of diabetes and heart related diseases is premise on the excessive consumption of starchy, fatty and inorganic carbonated junk food which contains extreme sugar, calories and fat not suitable for the body. Imagine a world free of cardiovascular disease, hunger, poverty and unemployment with the focus on contributing to solve these problems through the production and processing of fresh catfish into finished catfish food (smoked, grilled, oven-dried, powdered catfish). In its operations, we also train and setup fish farm for both individuals and communities in order to increase employability, boost body nutrients and wellness in pursuance of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 1,2 & 3), on this note Samfarm Solutions is seeking a Capital seed funding of 5million (N5, 000,000) naira for construction of boreholes for proper water management, a mechanical fish griller, a smoking kiln and other equipment in order to increase productivity, labour and profit.

SectorsAgribusiness, Crop farming, Fish farming
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