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Safari Planner Making Dynamic Safari Packaging possible on a mobile App

Venture Profile Safari Planner image of Tripadvisor

The Safari Planner brings control into the hands of the traveler. We provide the Traveler with a versatile tool for planning, building and getting the cost of their safari trip. Through our tool the traveler can enhance their trip by selecting what, when, where and whom they want to be with during their safari vacation. Our aim is to make Safaris Packaging Dynamic and possible on a mobile App and also to allow people to make their independent decisions online through a consumer direct focused solution aiming to cut cost, save time and enhance traveler experience.

The Safari Planner will also disrupt the traditional distribution channel for the safari product. The tool will link the supplier and the market directly. This ensures we have no bias against any product, and leaves the choice to the customer. Suppliers will include the lowest level of product owners and give them an opportunity to present their safari experience to the world.

Sectors Leisure and travel
Location Kiambu, Kenya
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