Rutas y Raíces Regenerative models that apply to the current economic/social systems

Socio-environmental projects:

-Create results-oriented social and environmental projects
-Strengthen and position social and environmental projects or initiatives
-To provide evaluation and advice on environmental and social regulations.
-Analysis of social risks and risks related to climate change

-You can find us in wind and solar fields, museums, producers, events and in companies of different sectors; applying strategies of sustainability and social bonding.
-We are transforming the way companies interact with their environment, their way of doing business and the processes that govern them.

*Integral sustainable solutions:
-Our solutions are commercial bridges in response to environmental needs of any dimension.

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StageStartup stage EST February 2017
SectorsConsulting and business development, Film production, Renewable energy
Customer modelB2B, Governments (B2G)
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