Rural Farmers Hub Crop intelligence solution for optimal farming decisions and timing.

Rural Farmers Hub

Rural Farmers Hub

Rural Farmers Hub uses web- and mobile-based technology to fill the extension worker gap in the agricultural sector in Africa. It is similar to a tele-health application, but for crops and soil. Our core product, Capture, offers precision management of crop health & soil nutrients with cloud-based automated assessment that creates intelligent maps to plan precision fixing of identified defects. Our agricultural services target under-served smallholder farmers.

Capture uses our proprietary algorithm to post-process satellite and climate data in order to generate real-time farming advice that is delivered to farmers by SMS, voice, apps, and in-person. Through third parties, Rural Farmers Hub also provides additional inputs to help farmers increase their yields, such as improved seeds, fertiliser, digital finance services, tractor rental service, and produce offtake.

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EmplacementGwarinpa, Nigeria
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