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Rural Farmers Hub Crop intelligence solution for optimal farming decisions and timing.

Rural Farmers Hub

Rural Farmers Hub

Farmers in Africa today are producing less food than they did 3 decades ago! This is shocking, especially when you consider that they have steadily expanded the size of their farms. Reasons for this include over-cultivation of land without rotation that may have led to severe soil damage; but the primary cause is a widespread use of legacy farming practices that is not backed by data. This is further compounded by farmer’s lack of resilience to climate change. Tens of millions of them are not able to save money and secure their jobs, the same farmers who feed all of us.

We are now helping farmers grow more nutritious food, profitably, through our personalised crop intelligence solution called Capture, an app that process satellite data using proprietary algorithm to auto-generate personalized recommendations for improving soil/crop health; guiding them on the optimal farming decisions and timing. With thousands of subscribed farmers, and helping them increase yield by up to 55%.

Sectors Agribusiness, Agritech, Artificial intelligence, E-commerce, Fashion
Location Gwarinpa, Nigeria
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