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Rosyconsult Health consultation

Cover image of Rosyconsult, Educational services venture on VC4A

I am precious Ikponmwosa, an administrative officer of Rosyconsult. A website that is designed to promote the health the society.

Following the increased prevelance of reproductive health diseassamongs which are infertility, infection and diseases. It has reached our notice that individuals still struggle to access healthcare which could be due to lack of knowledge about infection and disease control and available of health facilities in localized region

Solution: Rosyconsult is aimed at helping to mitigate the vicious impact of the aforementioned problem through dispensing of health information and maintain an online consultation program.
Overtime, my team have been able to improve the health of some individual through direct counselling, online consultation and reading of articles in my website

The Team
Precious Ikponmwosa(admin)
Ibeh Chima(employee)

Start up fund:
Digital marketing (300,000)
Branding: 150,000
Logistics: 50,000
Online & physical m

SectorsEducational services, Healthcare providers and services, Sexual and reproductive health and rights
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