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Robothon Code, create & connect: Where imagination takes flight

Cover image of Robothon, Computer software venture on VC4A

Robothon is dedicated to teaching robotics, electronics, and programming to primary and high school students. Our comprehensive programs not only equip students with essential STEM skills but also provide them with the tools to excel in national and international competitions. We offer competitively priced robotics kits and provide financial aid to ensure that students from all backgrounds can participate.
Our team of tutors consists of former competition winners, uniquely positioned to mentor students in presenting their groundbreaking ideas effectively. A testament to our success is one of our students recently winning at the Zimbabwe Science Fair and advancing to an international competition in Romania.
We aim to establish an institution dedicated to nurturing young prodigies, enabling them to develop revolutionary ideas that will transform our world. With our competitive pricing, dedicated mentorship, and proven success, we are positioned to make a significant impact in Educatio

SectorsComputer software, Educational services, Electronics
LocationHarare, Zimbabwe
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