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Reutilización y Reciclaje de la tecnología We give a second chance to electronic equipment

Cover image of Reutilización y Reciclaje de la tecnología, Clean technology venture on VC4A

is born out of the huge amount of original computers used, which are imported from the United States and other countries, which are acquired by private institutions or medium businesses, these when not having real guarantee in Bolivia do not enjoy a service of technical maintenance and less can be found spare parts for their change, being of previous generations are very scarce like being the memory, the hard disk and others. Because there are a large number of these equipment in use in companies and homes, we see the opportunity to be able to carry out maintenance and change of parts of these, in the event that these teams do not have a solution we ask you to be able to donate to us, so that between several teams can recover parts and obtain a team for their sale, being the remaining parts sold to companies that recycle.

Sectors Clean technology, Computer hardware, Electronics
Location La Paz, Bolivia
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