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Reduced Agricultural Spoilage Program

To address the WORLD’S growing Hunger and Food Spoilage problems, Nenko Advisors International, LLC has developed, RASP®, an affordable, “off the grid”, alternative energy sourced, cold storage facility that represents a Paradigm Shift in our ability to respond to the global need for responsible, affordable, and reliable cold chains.

It is unique in design technology as well as rapidly deployable in the field.

RASP® combines Best in Class cold chain infrastructure technology and control, with the world’s first free-piston Stirling engine-based solar power generation system which is self-contained, easy to install, provides a simple and easy to manage temperature control system”, and generates efficient, clean AC power.

Whether it is setup at the farm, village, processing center, or dock, it will return a minimum of 50% of the average crop losses caused by post-harvest handling abuses in emerging areas.

It will also dramatically reduce food safety an

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