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RECYCL’AFRICA Ltd The best environment our concern.

Nationwide, many landfills are closing or exhausting their remaining capacity. Meanwhile districts waste, including domestic solid waste, continues to flow in greater volume. With more waste created daily, landfills nationwide are rapidly facing a capacity crisis. Therefore, options for disposing of domestic solid waste are about to become very, very limited, which means disposal will become much, much more costly.
With environment, RECYCL’AFRICA LTD is offering to these cities an extremely valuable service – an alternative means for disposal of their domestic solid waste.
Our solution is to accept the organic waste produced by different cities in Rwanda and recycle them and produce organic fertilizer which is much needed by farmers.
The uniqueness and innovation is based on solving the problems of air pollution and underground water and waste disposal which is very costly and embarrassing to the neighbor population while answering the need of fertilisers needed by customers.

SectorsAgribusiness, Clean technology, Environmental services, Waste management and recycling
LocationRuhengeri, Rwanda
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