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ReciclApp MX We make recycling smart & easy by digitizing recyclables collection

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ReciclApp MX

ReciclApp MX

Recycle easily & earn rewards by helping the environment: We solve the complex recycling route by enabling people recycle from home.
At landfills we bury resources causing GHG, pollution, ecological & health risks. Waste production & its management costs are increasing. Our solution scales thanks to our tech & network effect: the more users recycle, the more people join.
ReciclApp is a recyclable collection platform in 3 easy steps that can work with or without the app!
We cover +150 homes, two businesses & the city hall of our city Torreon, Coahuila. 75% of our users always recycle, every week & 95% at least once a month. We increased the recycling rate by 10x! Rates +60% like Germany, the country that recycles the most.
In Mexico, this blue ocean of recyclables is worth 2.36B USD a year. Torreon disburses 12M USD a year to bury 12M USD worth of recyclables. This happens everywhere.
We want to bring ReciclApp to your home & start the Recycling Revolut

Sectors Mobile, Smart city solutions, Waste management and recycling
Location Torreón, Mexico
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