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Fluted pumpkin (Ugu) seed production has encountered challenges such as non availability of Ugu seeds in sufficient quantity to support the country demand, long time required to produce ugu seeds in the farm (2 to 3 years), commercial seed production in the field is limited to only southern part of the country due to favorable weather condition, availability of different varieties with different attributes that affects favourable market values and yield, germination issues in farmers field, identification difficulty of good fluted pumpkin (ugu) variety through seed therefore we offer molecular asexual seedlings propagation of fluted pumpkin and other vegetables using molecular and plant tissue culture micro-propagation techniques to seed increase the seedlings for farmers. This is a new technology in agriculture capable of generating at least one thousand plantlets from a mother plant within a period of six weeks having the same attributes and yield potentials as the mother plant.

Sectors Agribusiness, Agritech, Clean technology, Clean technology and energy, Crop farming
Location Nigeria
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