Re -Plastic SMART packaging to catalyze reuse of single plastic

Mismanaged single-use plastic bottles are creating a worldwide crisis. Single-use bottles account for 14% of plastic waste (Plastic Oceans 2019). Single-use bottles are especially problematic in low-income community as the region often lacks effective waste management systems and more so they are inexpensive and convenient. A promising solution that can eliminate the need for ~1/5 of the world’s single-use plastic are innovative reusable packaging refilling distribution systems. We identify the fastest moving consumer goods products that are safest and simplest to distribute via IoT connected vending machines that dispense into smart reusable packaging. Promoting behavioral change incentivizing reuse and recycling.

Secteurs Technologies propres et énergie, Logiciel d'entreprise, Gestion et recyclage des déchets
Emplacement Ongata Rongai, Kenya
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