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RAY Cosmetics The_look_of_a_new_day

Cover image of RAY Cosmetics, Agribusiness venture on VC4A

RAY cosmetics aim in establishing a self-sustaining friendly environment in Ethiopia. One of
the abundant resource we have as a country is our water resource which is a major source of
fish in the country’s most beautiful cities like Bahirdar, Hawassa, Arbaminch and such.
Nevertheless, the fishes have been a source of wastage, the fish skin, scale and bones have
been causing pollution to the environment besides disrupting the nature of these beautiful
cities. RAY cosmetics is a product centered business who works in reusing this fish skin and
scale as a raw material with other natural additives to produce skin and hair care products.
The protein extracted in further processes from the fish waste gives moisturizing, anti-aging
and detoxifying characteristics to our products by improving skin elasticity and reducing
wrinkles due to aging. Whereas, it helps bring the cosmetics business in the country that has
been lying in imported goods leading the country to hard cu

Sectors Agribusiness
Location Bahir Dar, Ethiopia
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