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Raising Gabdho Foundation/Zeed Energy (RGF) RGF provides Clean energy technologies for last mile communities

Venture Profile Raising Gabdho Foundation/Zeed Energy (RGF) image of Zeed Energy

Raising Gabdho Foundation Ltd (RGF) / Zeed Energy

Raising Gabdho Foundation Ltd (RGF) / Zeed Energy

Raising Gabdho(raising up a girl child) Foundation is a social enterprise which aims to accelerate clean, accessible and sustainable energy uptake for vulnerable communities through innovations for products, approaches to behavioral change and benchmarking good practices. RGF manufactures and distributes charcoal briquettes, improved energy-saving stoves, fireless slow cooking baskets; RGF distributes LPG and solar products. We also offer capacity building targeting women, youths and refugees.
RGF has experience of working with the urban refugees as well as those in the settlements and have worked with various low tech clean cooking solutions which are easily duplicated at community level, we have listened and learnt from the people on what works and have continued to improve our product and solutions offering based on the needs of the communities.

SectorsClean technology and energy
LocationKampala, Uganda
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