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Rafode ltd Sunlight is free

Cover image of Rafode ltd, Financial services venture on VC4A

Rafode ltd created in 2007, its headquartered in Kisumu, the organization works with the rural poor who are unable to access financial services, we operate in western Kenya and our activities focus on the bottom of the pyramid and rural households, we provide access to credit financing women, youth and micro enterprises. The renewable energy programs aims at providing rural households not connected to electricity to access the solar lamps on credit and repay while using the product, Rafode provide credit facility, clients apply for loans, Rafode process the loans and pays the supplier and we disburse the solar lamps to clients. They use the product while repaying the loans for a period maximum one year. Upon completion of the repayments the product reverts to them. This program aims at reducing the use of kerosene lamps at household level and replace it with the use of solar lamps . Our approach is through group financing mechanism at eh village level.

SectorsFinancial services
LocationKisumu, Kenya
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