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Nigeria consumes about 2 million metric tonnes of animal protein every year,valued at $6 billion annually. Half of which is mostly imported frozen protein products. Feed constitutes 50% to 70% of the total cost of production for most animals. Very few feed mills produce feeds that are medicated in nature. The raw materials used in producing feeds are corn, barley, wheat, sorghum, soybean meal etc. The livestock feed industry has experienced a steady increase between the periods of 2015 and 2020, due to price spike of feeds and also increased demand from wholesale consumers. The revenue for the periods of 2021 to 2026 is therefore expected to increase. Our vision is to offer our customers quality feeds on time. We intend to become the preferred livestock feed business here in Benue State and amongst the top ten in Nigeria by 2026 by building standard feed mills to cater to our customers demands. A $40, 000 project that can generate $32,000 in sales and a $15,000 net profit in 1st year.

Secteurs Agriculture animale, Pisciculture, Production alimentaire, Énergie renouvelable, Gestion et recyclage des déchets
Emplacement Ikpayongo, Nigeria
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