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Qwik Business Ventures Food hub of Nigeria

Cassava production has improved the food system greatly. It is a stable food, a nation feeder because it is generally accepted in Nigeria and some other African countries. Economically, most of the garri are now being packed in 100kg, 50kg and 25kg bags and exported to other countries thus help in nation’s economic upgrowth and financial balance. It also improve the system in that this cassava production by-product is not only garri, but other products of cassava include starch, fufu, tapioca and animal feeds. All these improve the food system of the country and help in offering employment. Cassava production should be given a financial assistance to help in producing it in Mass as there is vast fertile land available. But the major problem is financing, for paying of the acquired land, buying of organic and inorganic manure, seedlings, labourers, moderrn farm tools etc.

SectorsAgribusiness, Crop farming, Diversified services
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