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Quantumics center for processor agnostic quantum-classical solutions

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We are a community of oxbridge experts who have come together to provide information resources ( such as video courses & series, bootcamp, our open-source software libraries, research projects, mentorship, & consultation services ) in emerging technologies, science, and mathematics for all age group. We provide quantum information resources for processor agnostic quantum-classical solutions. Quantum Information includes topics like data science, machine learning, quantum physics, quantum computing, programming, fullstack software programming, and so on.

Our services thrive on the high demand for data analysts, data scientists, and machine learning engineers in the global economy which is an indicator for the need of more quality STEM education that prepares learners for the modern, flexible, and volatile economy. Also, analysis by experts show that the Quantum Computing economy will generate about $450billion profits per annum at equilibrium and this is expected to cause

Sectors Artificial intelligence, Educational services, Quantum computing
Location Lagos, Nigeria
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